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I'm Jon I play guitar in a band called Tiger Heist. If you want to be friends with me on facebook or check out my music here are two links. Goodbye :)

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Aug 5


So I just finished this song up and would love some opinions on it, and in return I can send it to whoever wants it.  Hope you like it!

Tiger Heist- Sayyah

Aug 13
We chill hard

We chill hard

I forgot how much of a cure tumblr was for being bored

Apr 1

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Mar 16

Mar 15


Dead Prez vs. Phoenix - Hip-Hop of 1901 (DJ Squints Remix)

Free Download Here

would-you-suck-my-clit-if-i said: Come to my house with noodles, and naked. ok? yea.

Haha it depends, what are the noodles for?

Mar 14

My new favorite youtube video

Mar 11

Come on baby light my fire

Anonymous said: care for a lightening round of questions?

Haha ok, I’m going to answer them all in this response though if you don’t mind.

1. Favorite movie= Good Will Hunting.

2. If you could talk to one person from the past or present who would it be?= Emma Watson, but only if she stayed in character as Hermione Granger the entire time.

3. Favorite fast food= none, I’m not a fast food guy anymore, but I used to love Taco Bell.

4. Weirdest question asked= None yet, mostly pretty normal questions.

5. Best life lesson= Go for it.

Mar 10

Anonymous said: What are your future plans other than music?

Don’t die…

Good night world I’m headed to limbo

Can’t wait to not set my alarm right now, and then wake up when I’m not tired anymore


Sunset Electrics - My New Friends

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